Candidates for Election to Board

The General Meeting and Election of the Board of Directors is on October 19th 2014 at 3pm at Finnegan’s Restaurant.

Below please find the names of the Candidates for the Board of Directors. Directors will be elected for a one year term. Directors are required to attend all Board of Directors meetings. The Candidates are in no particular order and duties will be assigned by the Board after the election. You may also write in a Candidate, just be sure that they are willing to serve as these positions are voluntary and demand time and resources.

The Slate is included here for your perusal.

Randy Vincent
Bill Padden
Rosemarie Powell
Jeff Haynes
Cass Sumrall
John Whelan
Susan Batchelder
Kathy Kelly
Carmel Hartnett
Meghan Bachelder
Sean Quilter